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In recent years Digital Solutions was a key provider of the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) program. 

This program was a federally funded program that gave support to businesses across Australia.


Digital Solutions continues to offer a range of services and support packages to Australian Businesses.


The Australian Small Business Advisory Service is a government program that helps small businesses adopt digital tools to improve their operations and reach new customers. The program offers a range of free and low-cost services, including:

  • Up to 4 hours of one-on-one consulting with a Digital Solutions advisor
  • Workshops on topics like social media, online marketing, and website development
  • Webinars on a variety of digital topics
  • Access to online resources and tools

The program was designed to help small businesses understand the benefits of digital solutions and develop a plan to implement them. The one-on-one consulting can help businesses identify their specific needs and develop a tailored digital strategy. The workshops and webinars provide practical tips and advice on how to use digital tools to improve marketing, sales, and customer service.

The Australian Small Business Advisory Service is a valuable resource for small businesses that are looking to get ahead in the digital age. The program’s free and low-cost services can help businesses of all sizes make the most of digital tools and achieve their business goals.

Here are some additional details from the website:

  • The program is delivered by a network of experienced advisors who are experienced with the challenges faced by small businesses.
  • The program is available to all small businesses in Australia, regardless of industry or location.
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While Digital Solutions is not currently delivering the ASBAS Service, Digital Solutions is driven to ensure all businesses across Australia receive the valuable support they need to advance their business.

Be it rural businesses or a business in a major city, Digital Solutions offers support.

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