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You may be starting a new business, or maybe you just have a few questions that you need answered in terms of digital business advice. Either way, there are many steps to take to successfully manage your business online and we’re here to help in any way that we can.

There is so much advice out there for new business owners, but what can you do when it feels like there is more advice than you know what to do with? Digital marketing can be a daunting task. The best way to tackle it is through a cohesive plan. However, a proper plan is not possible without knowing your strategy.

This section provides an overview of some of the more common areas in which help businesses to plan and manage their online presence.

Online Reviews

In today’s world, online reviews are a key component to success for any business. To ensure that consumers see your company in a positive light, it is important to monitor review sentiment and engage appropriately when necessary.

The old concept of the “word of mouth” is now the “online word of mouth”. Seeing a five-star rating on your Yelp or Google page is a great way to make a customer feel confident in their purchase decision.
In fact, around half of all consumers admit to reading online reviews before making a purchase decision which is why reviews have been found to significantly increase conversion rates and are also an excellent way to build trust with potential customers. Reviews also help build customer loyalty, which can lead to increased spending and increased share of wallet.

While positive reviews can boost your business, it’s important to note that negative reviews can do the opposite and can be destructive to your business. They can deter potential customers and drive away current customers.

To ensure you get the most benefit from positive reviews and minimise the impact of any negative ones, it’s important to manage online reviews before they ruin your reputation. There are many approaches you can take to managing bad reviews, but the most important step is to respond quickly and professionally.
Our advisors have a wealth of experience managing online reviews and are ready to assist you.

Digital Reputation

If you have ever had the thought of, I wish I was on the front page of google or why can’t I find my business, you need to book in for a Digital Needs Analysis where an advisor can look at your strengths and weaknesses as identified by you and your digital footprint. 

When you or a customer searches your business name are all the listings on the front page directing to your business? Is a competing business advertising on your business name to filter your traffic? When customers search for your business on their favourite social platform do you have a profile? 

These are all things our Digital Business Advisors can suggest improvements you may not have thought of or cast a fresh pair of eyes over your current profiles to make sure everything is optimised. No longer are your customers judging your office furnishings or shop front. They are looking on their smart phones and other devices at your digital listings and your social media profiles to decide if they will interact with your business.

Digital Guardian

Who oversees your business’s social media accounts? In most cases the business social media account is owned by and individual and not the business entity. What happens to your social accounts if you pass away?

There are dozens of social platforms that business’s use to reach and interact with their clients and each one has their own process for handling the accounts of those who have passed away. That’s why you need a digital guardian. Someone who will oversee your accounts, without one your accounts will be memorialized as soon as the provider becomes aware of your passing.

It’s important to remember that your digital Guardian must be over 18 years and obviously it’s a good idea to let them know your intention and their responsibilities as your digital guardian before you appoint them. You will find that some people just won’t feel comfortable with seeing your social accounts after your death.

Digital Rights

Intellectual property rights are a set of exclusive rights that protect the creative content or information that someone creates. While the digital space provides numerous opportunities for businesses it’s important that businesses also understand the many laws relating to publishing and using online content both in Australia and worldwide.

There are three main types of intellectual property used by digital businesses: copyright, patents, and trademark. Copyright is the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, sell, license, and distribute an original work of authorship. Common uses include graphics, imagery and music.

Trademarks are used to distinguish goods and services from those of other manufacturers. In essence, a trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design that identifies the goods as those of a particular company. Trademarks can be used in many ways such as product labeling, advertising, and store displays. Trademark owners have the right to exclude others from using the trademark in the course of trade. In order for a use to be infringing, it would need to create a likelihood of confusion among consumers as to the source, sponsorship or affiliation of your goods or services with those of an unrelated party.

Patents are a set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period of time. Patents give inventors the right to exclude others from making, using, selling or importing their invention. The law is in effect in most countries and can be granted for a variety of inventions. For example, patents may be granted for new drugs, medical equipment, video games and software.

Digital Grants & Tenders​

Business often dismiss Government Grant possibilities because they feel that they need too much information, take too long to apply for of feel that they’ll be unsuccessful. Nonetheless, many successful Australian firms and exporters have received substantial Government Grant assistance along the way.

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to note that Government Grants can provide money when banks or investors are unwilling to provide funding, either because the firm is a high-risk early-stage start-up or because the business lacks the cash flow to support new product development. This market gap is often filled by Government assistance. Most grant financing nowadays demands matching money from the company applicant in order to ensure the greatest opportunity for success.

The advantages of government support are self-evident. However, the grant application process is important in and of itself since it asks business owners to reflect upon their business and ensure their business strategy and plans are on target.

Digital Needs Analysis​

A digital needs analysis is when you study your business’s strengths and weaknesses in the digital world to see what opportunities exist and where improvements can be made. It’s the process of defining and optimizing a business’s digital needs. The goal of a DNA is to find out where a company’s weaknesses lie and what opportunities they have in the digital world.

A digital needs analysis can be done by analyzing data or conducting interviews with company employees. The focus will shift depending on what you are looking for in your DNA. A DNA could be an external audit for your business, an internal audit, or both.

Digital Action Plan​

A digital action plan is a document that outlines the goals for your marketing. It has all the information needed to execute on those goals. A DAP includes what you want to achieve, who is involved in the execution, and how success will be measured.

This document can serve as a roadmap for your business that outlines what needs to happen to achieve your goals. It will outline the steps you need to take in order for you to get there.

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