Alestre Pilates Case Study

Boosting Business with Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions Case Study - Alstre Pilates

Client: Alestre Pilates Studio, NSW
Industry: Fitness, Pilates
Challenge: Increase website traffic, inquiries, and bookings.
Solution: Digital marketing consulting.

  • Increased website traffic and inquiries.
  • Improved Google search ranking (from 2nd/3rd page to 1st page).
  • Hired an additional instructor to meet demand.
  • Increased efficiency of online advertising spend.

Alestra Pilates Studio, faced a challenge: attracting new clients and inquiries online. Owner Elena who is passionate about reformer Pilates and its benefits for recovery and flexibility, knew a strong online presence was crucial. However, navigating website optimisation and keyword strategies felt daunting.

Elena was referred to Digital Solutions by NSW Government business advisors. We listened to her needs, pinpointing areas for improvement and crafting a customised strategy. This included website optimisation, targeted keyword selection, and local search engine optimisation (SEO) to ensure Alestra Pilates Studio appeared high in relevant searches.

The results were transformative. Website traffic and inquiries soared, propelling Alestra Pilates Studio to the coveted first page of Google ‘s search results. This influx of interest allowed Elena to expand, hiring an additional instructor and creating new job opportunities within the community. Additionally, with the help of Digital Solutions, Elena optimised her online advertising spend, ensuring each dollar invested delivered maximum impact.

“Digital Solutions was amazing,” Elena enthuses. “They didn’t just tell me what I needed; they understood my business and implemented solutions that worked. Now, booking classes online is a breeze, attracting clients who wouldn’t have found us before.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital Solutions empowers small businesses like Alestre Pilates Studio with expert guidance and customised solutions.
  • Digital Solutions SEO expertise ensures businesses reach the right audience, driving website traffic and inquiries.
  • Optimised online advertising maximises return on investment, allowing businesses to grow and create jobs.

Is your small business struggling to be seen online? Contact Digital Solutions today and unlock your growth potential!